Our ideal team member will be committed to contributing to our positive culture, and ensuring our customers are delighted with each cleaning they receive!

At B & A Cleaning Services, we believe that everyone deserves an oustanding cleaning service.

Using specialist products and insider techniques, we’ll show you how to clean each property promptly. Each of our cleaners pays close attention to detail, leading them to spot dirt most home owners may not even notice. We deliver exceptional experiences to homeowners at every touch point, ending with a property so clean they’ll brag about it to everyone they know. Each of us has a high level of pride and satisfaction with our roles, knowing that we’re not only contributing to beautifying our neighborhood homes, but we’re helping homeowners and business owners with tasks they simply can’t take care of themselves.

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Our Core Values

1. We go the extra mile.

2. The customer’s perspective is your reality.

3. Teamwork is essential to our growth.

4. We embrace transparency.

5. Success rest not only on ability, but commitment, loyalty, and pride.

6. Protect the brand, it’s our reputation.

7. Make adjustments not excuses.

8. Staying positive in a negative situation makes you a leader.

9. Communication is our core.